Small Town

By Lachlan Marks & Ella Roby

A six-part Australian Gothic thriller

LOGLINE: A journalist, a cop, and an addict are forced to work together when a mountain town comes under threat from a powerful age-reversing drug created by a subterranean cult of sinister children.

WINNER – 2017 Shore Scripts TV Pilot Competition

THIRD PLACE FINALIST – 2017 WeScreenplay Television Competition

SEMI-FINALIST – 2017 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch

SEMI-FINALIST – 2017 BlueCat Screenplay Competition

Small Town has received development funding from Australian screenwriting incubator, Scripted Ink.

“A very unique and incredibly interesting mystery anchors this piece, grabbing the reader from the very first page and holding on tight. An incredible cast of colorful, diverse characters populates this world, all distinct with deeply-thought-out, expertly interwoven backstories.” –

“gritty and surprising, and feels unlike anything currently on TV” –


Australian Monsters

By Ella Roby & Zahid Gamieldien

A 10 x 60 minute black comedy drama series

LOGLINE: A criminal strategist hiding in Far North Queensland becomes entangled in a surreal search for a lost masterpiece after she finds the body of a backpacker in the belly of a crocodile.

FINALIST – 2018 C21 Drama Series Script Competition



By Ella Roby & Zahid Gamieldien

A 6 x 30 minute live-action comedy series

LOGLINE: A luckless woman accidentally becomes the Portalgate: a human-shaped portal for interdimensional travellers. Now she must deal with absurd creatures and unhelpful sidekicks, before she is found and destroyed by a bungling villain who wants to control the borders between worlds.

NOMINATED – 2016 John Hinde Award for Science Fiction

INDUCTEE – The Australian Writers’ Guild’s Pathways Program

FINALIST – WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Screenwriting Competition Fall 2016

SEMI-FINALIST – Australians in Film’s 2016-17 GatewayLA Script Competition

“clever, imaginative, endearing and highly unique … this is a really original premise. Also, the script features a strong story structure, hilarious visual gags and clever dialogue.” – ScreenCraft



By Ella Roby & Zahid Gamieldien

A six-part dystopian psychological drama

LOGLINE: A reclusive bookstore owner is caught between a band of idealistic rebels and a scheming secret agent as she tries to atone for her involvement in a covert government program that targets underprivileged women.

FINALIST – 2017 WeScreenplay Television Competition

SEMI-FINALIST – Austin Film Festival 2017

“this is a masterfully written screenplay. It reads almost as smoothly and eloquently as a novel, but at the same time avoids using narrative or literary phrases, so that everything described is capable of being portrayed in a visual format onscreen… This script is a shining example of how most screenwriting should stylistically be approached.” – BlueCat screenplay analysis


A Victimless Crime

By Ella Roby & Zahid Gamieldien

A comedy short film

LOGLINE: A young woman and her inter-dimensional housemate try to do the right thing when their unwelcome guest refuses to honour his Tinder obligations.

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017